// .Ready.Set.Rock.




i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill


If you won’t sing “Living’ on a Prayer” or “Mr. Brightside” at the top of your lungs with me, I do not need you in my life.



Dear R5,
I like your genes.


"Looking forward to getting back on the road in sept!" requested by anonymous


I follow everyone back!


I follow everyone back!


17 year old ross a mAsterpost cause i’m hurting


rip in peace

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R5 Family Questions!
The Basics
1: How long have you been in the family?
2: What girl/guy are you?
3: Ever seen R5 live?
4: Ever met R5?
5: How long have you had your blog?
6: OTP?
Do You Ship....
7: ...Raura?
8: ...Raia?
9: ...Rydellington?
10: ...Rosslington?
11: ...Rockliff?
12: ...Riaura
13: ...Rinessa?
14: ...Ryvannah?
15: *insert ships that i missed here*
Random Questions!
16: What other bands/artists do you like?
17: If you had to throw one member off a cliff and only one, who would you choose?
18: If you could only meet one member of the band who would you choose?
19: If you could meet members of the R5 Family who would you choose?
20: Any other blogs?
21: Have a spotify? If yes what is it?
22: (In your humble opinion) Who is the most adorable in the band?
23: Favorite old R5 song?
24: Favorite new-er R5 song?
Which one?
25: Riker, Glasses or no glasses?
26: Ross, Shirt or no shirt (lol sorry not sorry)
27: Rydel, Bangs or no bangs?
28: Rocky, white guitar or green guitar?
29: Ellington, Peguin suit or no penguin suit?
30: R5, old school or new school?